Industrial Electric Service

Industrial Electric Service

Industrial Electric Service

At DEC, our Industrial Electric Service Professionals have the ability to take an idea or concept, analyze it and determine feasibility, and turn it into a viable solution that fits our customers needs. Often times, our clients determine the best method to eliminate costly shutdowns is to setup Maintenance Programs to ensure all Electrical Components are routinely maintained and monitored.


Our Capabilities Include

  • Custom designed machines, systems and assembly lines
  • Specialized testing and inspection stations/equipment and adding error proofing capability to existing stations
  • Systems for technical training
  • Software development
  • Rail Tank Car Washers
  • Process control systems, data collection and reporting systems
  • On-site troubleshooting for equipment (mechanical and electrical) breakdown/ failure
  • Electrical Protective device setting and testing
  • Power Delivery Equipment Installation Checkout services
  • Robot integration and end-of-arm tooling design
  • Switchgear Maintenance and testing (i.e. Independent Testing Origination, ITO)




Robots are increasingly popular within the manufacturing

world. While reliable, robots require repair and maintenance frequently. Thus, an Industrial Electrician you can rely on that specializes in robotic repair is critical.

While most electricians work set hours, it is not uncommon for DEC to perform maintenance or upgrades during off-hours to ensure regular productivity is not affected.