Industrial Electrical

Industrial Electrical

A. Industrial Lighting Maintenance

Having a scheduled maintenance program for your lighting systems is recommended. Maintenance can produce a range of benefits, including a higher level of security and enhance productivity.

Consider LED (Light Emitting Diode) Lighting. DEC is an approved vendor in the Oncor incentive program. Offering rebates for large lighting projects. Improving the quality of light and dramatically reducing your electric bill. Approved LED lights and retrofits can receive a rebate from Oncor.


B. Industrial Machine Maintenance

Regular machine maintenance can improve the longevity of machinery. Electrical current issues can cause motor failures and short circuits to occur.


C. Industrial Electrical Panel Maintenance

Panel upgrades can keep your systems running smoothly.  Increasing panel size and current can help the life of motors and reduce down time. Adding surge protection to panels, motors and other equipment can prevent catastrophic failures.


D. Industrial Electrical Controls

DEC/Dunns Electrical Construction has experienced motor control electricians. Start – stop systems and relay systems can automate your work.

E. Industrial Electricians with Quality Service

DEC/Dunns Electrical Construction is staffed and ready 24 hours a day for any industrial maintenance issues that you have. We can troubleshoot systems and make repairs as needed. Our quality of workmanship is exceptional.