LED Lighting and LED Retrofits


LED Lighting and LED Retrofits

LED Lighting and LED Retrofits  are an essential part of operating a business. Employees need lights to be able to perform their daily job duties. Studies show that job performance can increase or decrease depending upon the type of lighting they are surrounded by. In addition, aesthetically pleasing lights can draw consumers in and motivate sales.

From security lighting maintenance and repairs for banks and property managers, to decorative and utility lighting installations for offices and apartments, DEC has been providing exceptional commercial lighting services to North Texas businesses, large and small, for years. We have licensed electricians on call day and night, so when it comes to the commercial lighting responsible for keeping your business visible, safe and well lit, you can trust us!

Dunn’s Electrical Construction has strived to be the lowest cost provider of quality lighting installations to our customers. DEC is well positioned to offer customers complete turnkey services from design to installation as well as emergency maintenance and repair.


  • HID/Warehouse
  • Office Environment
  • Indirect
  • Atmosphere
  • Classroom Lighting Controls
  • Retail
  • Low Voltage Decorative
  • Accent & Track
  • Energy Efficient Fluorescent
  • Parking Lot and Site


  • Replacing photo electric controls (PEC)
  • Replacing lamps
  • Removing and replacing fixtures
  • Removing and replacing standards
  • Replacing fuses
  • Resetting breakers
  • Replacing cable sections
  • Checking lights
  • Dig ups
  • Locating faulty street light cables
  • Locating feeds



  • Installations
  • Removals
  • Termination
office lighting
exterior lighting

LED lighting and LED Retrofits are a cost effective and green option for your home, office or even warehouses.

LED – light emitting diodes. The LED light bulb is the most efficient choice on the market today.   LEDs deliver higher lumens per watt, and they last significantly longer than incandescent bulbs.

LED Lighting and LED Retrofits


LED Lightning applications in commercial and residential uses are becoming more common. You can achieve the same or better lighting in all areas. The new LED Lighting options are exceeding our expectations in commercial and residential applications. LEDs are a green solution saving our environment.

LED Retrofits

LED Retrofit

Energy conscious businesses are quickly turning onto the benefits of LED retrofit lighting. Retrofitting traditional lighting fixtures can improve your light in any space, and can be done with most existing fixtures.

Lower energy costs


Extremely efficient LED lights will yield significant energy cost savings every month, immediately.

LED lighting has indoor and outdoor applications, from your living room to office, including parking lots and industrial manufacturing spaces.

DEC – Dunns Electrical Construction has partnered with ONCOR in their LED Incentive Program. DEC is an approved contractor in the ONCOR Incentive Program allowing you to save money on LED Retrofit installations. Please contact us for more information.