LED Lighting is finally getting affordable!

In the past several years, LED lighting solutions have gotten significantly cheaper making the switch more appealing.

The technology of LED lighting provides a higher quality of light. (Ex) Your computer screen flashes X amount of times per second, your florescent office lighting flashes at a different rate per second, this is what causes a lot of issues with personnel who use computers on a daily basis.

LED lighting is a natural and non-flickering or pulsing type of light, it is constant. This eliminates many problems while operating a computer because you do not have to contradict pulsing light from two different pieces of equipment.

Another great aspect of LED lighting is when you want it on it’s ON. There is no delay in illumination caused by ballast and gasses heating up. It is instant-on-type lighting.

The energy savings is astronomical compared to HID lighting.

Warranties range from two to ten years.

There are multiple color ranges to choose from, ranging from 27K to 6K. 27K being more yellow in color whereas the 6K is pushing the blue color spectrum. The most common color used is between 4 & 5K which is your white color.

The color you choose is crucial in choosing the right look in order to accent the area you are illuminating.

Let us design your next light project. We can explain all options available.

LED lighting technology has changed the world of lighting forever, delivering major savings in energy, instant illumination and a working life up to 25x longer than incandescent lamps. And we’ve made selecting the right product easier than ever. The manufacturing, developing and design have brought us to a point that provides us with a lot more options than ever before.

Need premium performance with optimum aesthetics? We have the solutions for you. For mainstream applications and an outstanding combination of performance and efficiency, perhaps our LED Wall packs or LED Cobra head solutions.

Lastly, when economy is the No.1 requirement, there’s our affordable LED Retrofit kits.  You do not need to replace the fixture and the results are simply amazing! We offer consulting on LED Lighting, contact us when you’re ready to update your facility. Our staff can assist you in choosing the proper lighting.

So if you are looking to improve the lighting in your Warehouse, Office, or add light to your Parking Lot, give us a call and we will help you through the entire process. Contact Us today!