Commercial Lighting Options

When looking at commercial lighting options, you have several good choices. High efficiency fluorescents are a practical choice. LED systems have become more popular with their long-term savings benefits. Lighting that is more sensor-based is something else to consider. Let’s take a look at these options …

1. Fluorescents: Fluorescent lighting is still the most common in commercial applications because lamps are so similar to daylight and have high light output, perfect for seeing details. It may seem that fluorescent lighting is outdated, however, today’s high-efficiency, T-5 tubes are so bright they can be used in high-ceiling applications.

2. LED technology: LEDs, or Light-Emitting Diodes, are semiconductor-based light sources used by businesses in every type of application imaginable. Using LED technology saves up to 80-95% of costs over other lighting methods. While your initial investment to purchase and install this technology will be higher than installing other types of lighting, power savings will result in a net gain for your business. This savings is really something to consider when making decisions on lighting for your business.

3. Sensor-based lighting –  Sensor-based lighting is becoming more popular in the commercial realm. Lighting that is motion-sensored is a smart choice if you have areas that are not in constant use throughout the day. These sensors turn on when they sense motion and then turn off after an elapsed amount of time without any motion. This is great for warehouse type settings. Another great sensor-based option, is daylight-sensors. These are lights that turn on when there is not enough daylight present, but dim down, or turn off, when there is enough daylight. All of the sensor-based options available today are going to save on energy and in turn, save on costs.

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