Landscape Lighting for Trees

By adding landscape lighting, your outdoor plants, trees, and shrubs will not only be beautiful during the day, they will also be beautiful in the evening hours.  There are many options in landscape lights that can increase the enjoyment of your outdoor space.  Highlighting your landscaping can add an amazing amount of curb appeal to your home during the evening hours, especially during the winter months when the daylight hours are so short.  If you’re not sure where to begin, accenting your trees is a great place start.

It is important to choose the type of light for your tree based on it’s size or structure. This makes it easier to narrow down what type of light to purchase when you are looking at the options available in landscape lighting. The rule tends to be that if you have a narrow or tall tree, you want to use a narrow-focused spot beam. Where as, if you have a short, squatty, wide tree you want to use a flood to light the whole tree.
An example of this would be a tall palm tree, very slim at the bottom, but full at the top. A great option for landscape lighting would be a slim profile. This will keep the beam narrow at the bottom and it will slowly widen as it goes up towards the top of the tree, highlighting the beauty at the top.
An alternative example is an evergreen. This tree is wide at the bottom and narrows at the top. The better option for this type of tree would be a spot light that naturally begins wide and will get smaller as the light goes up the tree.

As you look at your landscaping, consider tree lighting to accent it’s beauty.  Evaluate the types of trees you have and then add a few lights into your yard. You will be amazed at the difference it will make.

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