Fall and Winter Months Mean Using More Outdoor Lights

The Fall and Winter Months usually mean that we use more outdoor lighting due to fewer daylight hours. Many of us come home and it’s already dark. Outdoor lighting not only makes a home look beautiful, it also is a necessity for safety. By taking a few steps, you can save on your electric bill even though you are using more outdoor lighting.


Homes with well placed outdoor lighting look amazing. It adds a whole new dimension to a home. When you have company over, you home will look warm and inviting. It’s also great to walk up to a well-lit home. You can safely walk without worry of tripping or falling. But all of these lights cost money to run, especially in the Fall and Winter.

One way to save on energy is by replacing old lightbulbs with energy saving lights. There are several varieties to chose from. LED varieties are a great choice. LED’s last longer and outdoor options hold up to snow and rain.

Another great option is to install motion sensors on your outdoor lights. This is a great option for when you arrive home at dark. It also saves on electric by shutting off automatically after a certain amount of time.

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